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Bericht  melon op do mei 29, 2008 11:28 pm

Craftmanship. Gerhard Ludewig founded the Animation Studio ASL in Hamburg in 1967. In this film production workshop of the old school his son Gert learned the "craft" of animation with the skills of drawing and puppetry, and soon took over the family business. From the start, ASL has had a blue - chip client list from television, industry and advertising.

Technology. For 25 years the creative artists at ASL drew by hand, transferring their animations onto animation film transparencies and filming them using an animation camera. ASL was one of the first German studios to invest in the digital animation software "Animo". Analog and digital production ran in parallel for a few years, but it soon became clear that the future belongs to the computer in this field too.

Competence. Now more than 40 employees and freelancers work for ASL including artists, animators, background artists, designers and illustrators. ASL develops its own ideas, implements them and provides a full service to broadcasters, film producers and advertising agencies.

Perfection. Designers and computer specialists work closely together to preserve the artistic look of "handmade animation" in computer generated work. The result is films combining the precision of computer animation with the charm of classical animation art.

Partners. ASL promotes international cooperation jointly with studios in Europe and overseas. European co - productions are as much part of ASL's everyday activity as global marketing of film rights and licences. Authors, graphic artists and animators from all over the world come to work with the German ASL team.

Cinema. ASL worked with Cartoon-Film and AniMagix Media AG on the first movie of the children's classic "The Little Polar Bear". ASL's contribution includes digital postproduction and compositing, 3D - effects and -animation.

wa gebruike ze:

- 25 High Performance Workstations equipped with Dual Pentium or Athlon Processors,
Dualscreen Graphic, 1 GB Ram - Linetesting from Chromacolour
- 2 Scanstations with A3 Autofeeder
- 4 clustered NT Server with Gbit Backbone and 3 Terrabyte Storage
- DPS Hollywood Harddiskrecorder
- Avid Cutting Station with DigiBeta, Beta SP and Filmoption

Animo, Cinema 4D, Digital FUSION, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects

bekend van:
de kleine ijsbeer

globi and the stolen shadows

christmas carol, the movie

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